Technology Solutions

Cutting-Edge Technology Expertise

The pace of technological innovation increases every day presenting an opportunity to revolution your business operations and the risk of being left behind. SmallBoard is the partner of choice to take advantage of this opportunity. We maintain a commitment to continuous learning, cultivate a pipeline of expertise in the latest technology, and an emphasis on certifications and training. When combined with our overall experience and delivery track-record we are your key partner to realize the benefits of the newest technology innovations in your enterprise.


Intelligence & Analytics

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics are being trumpeted by all types of organizations making it difficult to separate hype from reality. SmallBoard focuses on the practical application of these powerful tools to solve real, near-term business challenges. Our process starts from identification of where these tools can benefit your business and definition of the best approach to delivering on their promise. From there we bring together the key domain and technology experts to work closely with your team from design through deployment.

The key to leveraging these technologies is iteration and refinement. It’s an on-going process. Our experience in staff augmentation and team management is key to building a long-term relationship.

The Key


Digital Transformation

Moving away from aged, dedicated IT infrastructure is critical to meeting cost, efficiency and agility needs of the modern enterprise. However, making this transition can be a slow, complicated and costly process if not done carefully and correctly. SmallBoard has extensive experience helping enterprises modernize, integrate and migrate their IT systems.



One of the key challenges of digital transformation is integration a disparate and often large number of diverse IT systems. Careful requirements and business use case definition is needed to understand what business process needs to be supported across systems – knowing the “Why” is as important if not more than the “How”. That being said when it comes to the “How”, SmallBoard has a team of experts in all major commercial IT systems as well as in API definition, customization and the end-to-end integration process.


Every digital transformation includes the difficult task of migrating from older IT systems to either newer versions or different systems all together. This process requires thoughtful planning and engagement with a diverse group of stakeholders (e.g. IT, business owners, system users, etc). It also represents a resource intensive, but short-term project making it an ideal candidate for outsourcing. SmallBoard brings the necessary experience and system expertise to enable efficient migration and business continuity throughout the process.

Cloud & Dev Ops

Moving systems from dedicated onsite servers to the cloud represents a huge opportunity for cost-savings and efficiency. At the same-time it requires a whole new skillset that is in high-demand. SmallBoard helps our customers migrate to the cloud and has the Dev Ops resources to enable on-going maintenance and solution deployment support. Our skill span cloud providers (i.e. AWS, IBM, Azure, Google, Rackspace, etc) and tool chains (e.g. AWS proprietary, Terraform, Kubernetes, OpenStack, etc.)


Enterprise IT Applications

Enterprise IT applications are only as good as the implementation and users will only take advantage if they see a benefit in their day-to-day. Successful implementation requires the right conception, planning, business process modeling and user engagement right from the start.

SmalBoard has been helping customers identify the right application suite, define the business processes and use case modeling, configuration and customization and ultimate rollout of key Enterprise systems. This includes ERP, CRM, payroll, marketing automation, finance, HR systems and BI applications.

We have the team that can not only help you stand-up these critical business systems, but ensure that investment does not go to waste.