Full Scope IT Consulting & Services

SmallBoard uniquely provides the flexibility in engagement models and approach of a boutique firm combined with the experience, expertise and scalability typical of much larger services companies. Over our more than twenty years we have successfully delivered for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everything in between. Whether it be a fixed price project-based engagement, staff-augmentation or a dedicated development center we have the model and resources that fit your specific needs.

Full system development life cycle services

SmallBoard is your partner for all stages of system development. From product concept, planning and analysis through to deployment we have the team members and experience to help you reach your goals.


Planning, Analysis and Design

Our team includes senior architects, designers, domain experts and program managers that can work hand-in-hand with both your in-house Engineering and functional experts to define requirements, use cases, system design and overall project management (planning, tracking, risk management, etc.).

Development, Integration & Testing

Whether we engage in a specified project and deliver a fully packaged solution or as an extension of your internal team we have a team of crack coders, testers and integration experts. This includes proficiency in a broad set of tools (e.g. cloud frameworks, development languages, integration APIs, databases, etc) and systems (ERP, CRM, BI, etc).

Deployment & Maintenance

Deploying software into you own private Data Center and/or 3rd party cloud (e.g. AWS, Google, IBM, Azue) requires careful planning, management and particular skills. Our team of Dev Ops experts are there to help move from final testing to deployment seamlessly as well as enable efficient on-going evolution and maintenance. In operation we provide both dedicated SLA-based maintenance and/or key support personnel embedded with your team.


Flexible models

SmallBoard understands that different business and team structures have different needs both commercially and in working model. With this in mind we provide flexible and customized business models to meet your needs. These include

  • Staff-Augmentation & Talent Management: let us take on the hassle of recruiting, HR and employee management so you can focus on delivering value to the business. Our mature and proven processes provide peace of mind, our extensive network and recruiting relationships mean you get the best talent available, and our transparency gives you full visibility and control. Whether it be a short-term burst of resources or a long-term partnership you can trust SmallBoard to deliver results.
  • Defined Project: if you have a specific, defined project and simply want to provide oversight we engage in a Statement of Work (SoW) based model. Both Fixed Price and Time & Material options are available and regardless of model you maintain control and visibility throughout the process.
  • Onsite / Offsite: regardless of business model and engagement type SmallBoard provides both onsite and offsite support. Our team is North America based and can be onsite as and when needed or work offsite in various SmallBoard locations.
  • Dedicated Development Center: for longer-term staff-augmentation and talent management engagements we provide an option for a Dedicated Development Center. This includes physical separation of resources (both employees and IT / development assets), dedicated secure links into your environment, dedicated program management and access to key architect resources on an on-going basis. This model provides the feel and engagement of an in-house team without the HR overhead and with the flexibility of a services engagement.

These are the standard models, but of course any combination or customization of these can be discussed to meet your specific needs as well as an evolution over-time. We treat each engagement as a long-term partnership from day one.


Diverse resource profiles

Regardless of development stage or business model the key is having the right people available for the job when they are needed. This is where SmallBoard truly sets itself apart from other IT consulting and services providers. We have on staff experts in a wide variety of industry leading tools and technologies as well as the skillsets to partner with you effectively throughout the process. Our experience in key markets such as Health Care, Financial and Insurance and Hi-Tech enables us to be a solution provider and advisor versus simply providing Engineers.